Tightrope Cruciate Repair


The Tightrope technique is an excellent alternative to the TPLO for treatment of cruciate ligament rupture in dogs of any size. This technique works similar to older suture techniques but is significantly stronger and simpler. The tightrope technique is stronger because it relies on small bone tunnels and stainless steel surgical “buttons” to secure the suture. This is much stronger than traditional methods of securing the suture. In addition, the suture is human orthopedic surgical grade material which is far superior to traditional materials used to stabilize the knee of dogs.

The Tightrope technique is an alternative for clients who are concerned with the bone cutting required in the TPLO.  The Tightrope can be performed with arthroscopic assistance so only a few small incisions are required.

Studies to date suggest that the Tightrope has  excellent results similar to those of the TPLO.

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