LMU and Ethos Veterinary Health Collaborate on Research, Simulation, and Technology

LMU and Ethos Veterinary Health Collaborate on Research, Simulation, and Technology

WOBURN, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) and Ethos Veterinary Health (Ethos) have entered into a unique collaborative relationship to advance their shared commitment to improve the profession through innovation in education. The relationship aims to transform learning in the veterinary community by leveraging Ethos’ unique commitment to learning and development and its online learning platform, VetBloom, and the strength of LMU’s pioneering educational model.

The multi-faceted partnership will allow for:

  • shared research on educational outcomes
  • advancing the use of simulations in clinical education
  • new ways of incorporating technology into training and continuous development

One component of the relationship consists of Ethos clinicians conducting virtual, case-based rounds with LMU students, providing them this type of learning very early in their education. “These rounds allow the LMU students to gain proficiency in clinical reasoning through case discussions,” said Linda Fineman, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), Vice President of Learning and Development at Ethos. “At the same time, having the opportunity to give back to the next generation of veterinarians is rewarding for our clinicians.”

The partnership will capitalize on LMU’s educational expertise. LMU has a vast amount of experience and research building patient models through LMU’s Center for Innovation in Veterinary Education and Technology (CIVET). VetBloom currently has a unique anesthesia simulation and one area of mutual interest is in creating additional online simulations to expand their offerings. LMU and VetBloom share a goal of reaching underserved communities. Whether through VetBloom’s international reach, or LMU’s mission to serve the extensive Appalachian community, both organizations are focused on bringing advanced educational opportunities wherever they are needed.

“We’re very excited about this collaboration,” said John Weale, DVM, MS, Associate Dean, Clinical Relations and Outreach at LMU. “Not only does this benefit the teams at LMU and Ethos, but also the veterinary community at large.”

“This partnership is a living manifestation of our mutual commitment to advance veterinary learning by leveraging robust partnerships, rich technology, and succinct learning outcomes. It is, indeed, the future of education,” said Vice President and Dean of LMU-CVM, Dr. Jason Johnson.

The relationship promises to be fertile ground for ongoing exploration, and expansion of innovative programs.

About Lincoln Memorial University

Lincoln Memorial University is a non-profit, private, values-based learning community dedicated to providing educational experiences in the liberal arts and professional studies. The LMU-College of Veterinary Medicine is located on LMU’s main campus in Harrogate, Tennessee, with additional academic facilities in nearby Lee County, Virginia. LMU-CVM is an integral part of the University’s medical programs and provides real-world, community-based education in a collaborative learning environment. For more information visit vetmed.LMUnet.edu.

About Ethos Veterinary Health

Ethos is a veterinary health company with locations across the U.S. providing advanced medical care for pets. Our approach includes a focus on transformative science, continuous learning and growth for team members, and collaboration. For more information visit ethosvet.com.

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