Clinical Trial: To evaluate a new therapy for cats with anemia due to chronic kidney disease

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Ethos Veterinary Health is conducting a fully funded, FDA-regulated study to evaluate new therapy for cats with anemia due to chronic kidney disease.

We are currently enrolling cats in a study at a number of our hospitals involving the use of a unique gene therapy product. Products based on similar technologies (but not for this indication) are approved for use in human medicine in the U.S. and Europe, but this type of novel product has not yet been used for treating cats, making this an exciting treatment option.

Study Eligibility and Details:

  • Cats must be at least two years old and weigh at least 2 kg.
  • Eligible patients must have IRIS staged CKD and hematocrit of <28%.
  • The treatment is administered once by intramuscular injection at the beginning of the study (Day 0) and cats are monitored regularly for 70 days thereafter.
  • The study will include a placebo treatment group. Cats will be enrolled at a ratio of one placebo-treated cat for every four active-treated cats. Although the cats assigned to the placebo treatment group may not show improvement of their signs of anemia, they will still receive the benefit of free veterinary care and laboratory testing during the study.
  • Cats will receive physical exams, regular clinical pathology assessments and treatment at no charge to the client over the period of their participation in the study.
  • Owners who comply with study requirements will be compensated for costs associated with study.

Clinical Study for cats with chronic kidney disease

Enroll Today:

If you are interested in participating in this study, please refer to the list below and call the Ethos Veterinary Health hospital near you to learn more, or to schedule an appointment for a consult.

  • Boston West Veterinary Emergency & Specialty, Natick, MA: Dr. Hathaway Fiocchi, 508-319-2117
  • Bulger Veterinary Hospital, North Andover, MA: Dr. Annalisa Prahl, 978-682-9905
  • Capital District Veterinary Referral Hospital, Latham, NY: Dr. Shelley Smith, 518-785-1094
  • Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital, Woburn, MA: Dr. Marion Haber and Dr. Kenneth Palladino, 781-932-5802
  • Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital, Portsmouth, NH: Dr. Karen Campbell and Dr. Tonya Brown, 603-433-0056
  • Premier Veterinary Group, Chicago, IL: Dr. Katie Simpson, 773-516-5800
  • Veterinary Specialty Hospital – Sorrento Valley, San Diego, CA: Dr. Kate Arnell, 858-875-7500
  • Vista Veterinary Specialists, Sacramento, CA: Dr. Nathan Bailiff, 916-231-4445